Update: New Colorado Bill to Ban Some Hunting Statewide

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FEB 10, 2022

Colorado to Ban Some Hunting Statewide
Category: Policy

After a brief three-hour hearing on February 3rd, lawmakers in Colorado have nixed the idea of eliminating trapping or hunting bobcats and Lynx. At least 20 pro-hunting groups were in attendance to voice their concern over such bill.

Results such as these are why we all must get involved in supporting hunting conservation groups. The people who run these organizations are the people that show up and defend our rights to hunt and fish in this country. If you are not involved, get involved today by supporting a conservation group financially or becoming a chapter member and volunteering your time.

An interesting inclusion to this bill was adding the Canadian Lynx, and it is currently not legal to hunt Lynx in Colorado. This goes back to the idea that environmental and anti-hunting groups will do whatever it takes to get a foothold on hunting. This foothold is usually accomplished in going after animals that are predators.

Before this hearing, the bill lost three of its four sponsors with the Senate Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee. SB 31 was dead on arrival due to the opposition and loss of sponsors.

Here at THEINSIDESPREAD, we give 10% off all profits back to conservation groups. You check out some that we support at the bottom of the Homepage or contribute through buying a product on The Hunting Marketplace. As always, check back for more hunting news at THEINSIDESPREAD.