Frequently Asked Questions


We love the outdoors and hunting so that make us passionate about the gear necessary to get the job done. If you enjoy the hunting gear as much as we do then you are in the right place. THEINSIDESPREAD is a small group of hunter, anglers and back country campers that what to help make your next success. THEINSIDESPREAD is dedicated marketplace for you to buy and sell gently used and new hunting, fishing, and camping gear. Think of the THEINSIDESPREAD as a place for all things hunting!

How do I sell my Hunting Gear?

To sell you hunting gear following these three simple steps:

  1. Create an Account by clicking this link: START SELLING
  2. Create a New Listings
  3. Start Selling

How do I get paid after selling my Hunting Gear?

After you sell you hunting gear you will receive a payout to your PayPal account that is link to your vendor account.

What condition does my hunting gear need to be in to sell?

We are looking or gently used or new hunting gear to list on THEINSIDESPREAD. Here are is how we distinguish your gear condition:

  • New: Still the original packaging , never been used.
  • Very Good: Has little to no wear & tear, has been used 1 season.
  • Good: Showing some signs of wear & tear, has been used for more than 1 season.
  • Fair: Showing signs of wear & tear, still in usable condition, been used more than 1 season.

What category should place my hunting gear when listed?

The category should closely match what you are selling. We have tried to include as many categories as possible, please just reach via the Vendor Dashboard or this link and we can help you out: Contact Us

What if I don’t see my category?

If you think that your category is missing please just let know via the Contact Us form and we will help sort it out for you!

How much does it cost to list my hunting gear?

Listing your hunting gear 100% free. To list your gear click the START SELLING link!

What is the fee for selling my hunting gear?

Listing your hunting gear is absolutely free! After you sell your gear you will pay a small admin fee that goes maintaining this website. The fee is 6%, so if your gear sells for $200 that would be a $12 admin fee. As a reminder, 10% of all profit will be given back to conservation groups!

We also will have Featured Listings on the homepage that you can purchase for an additional $5 per item.

How do I contact the seller?

After purchase, on each item you purchase there is a Support Button to contact the seller, you will need to have an account to message the seller.