Unlocking the Best Elk Hunting Spots: Montana’s Latest Access Agreements

Kenny Flermoen - TheInsideSpread

Kenny Flermoen

JUN 26, 2023

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The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission has recently approved a series of elk hunting access agreements. These agreements are crucial for both hunters and landowners, opening up access to more than a million acres of private and inaccessible or under accessible public land. There will be a new best elk hunting spots all across Montana.

Elk Hunting Access Agreement (EHA) Program

The Elk Hunting Access Agreement (EHA) program is a significant initiative that has been embraced by landowners and hunters alike. The program allows landowners to obtain an elk license, permit, or combination thereof in exchange for allowing free public hunting access to a minimum of three public hunters. This initiative has been growing in popularity, with the commission approving 49 EHA applications in the recent meeting, which will allow access to a half million acres of private land.

The EHA program has proven successful in previous hunting seasons. In 2022, the commission approved 34 EHA agreements with 41 licenses/permits being issued to landowners, allowing for free public access on 376,504 acres and resulting in at least 285 elk harvested.

Public Access Land Agreement (PALA) Program

The Public Access Land Agreement (PALA) program is another initiative that works in favor of both landowners and hunters. In 2023, FWP staff worked with landowners to open up 540,000 acres of inaccessible or under accessible public land through the PALA program.

The PALA program works with willing private landowners to improve or secure public access to inaccessible public land on an annual basis. Landowners are eligible for a payment as well as potential reimbursement for improvements to facilitate public access to public land. The PALA projects will be posted in early July on FWP’s Hunt Planner map.

Other Private Land Access Programs Administered by FWP

The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission also administers other private land access programs for hunting, including the Block Management Program. This program provides cooperators with impact payments for allowing hunting on more than 7 million acres of private and inaccessible or under accessible public lands.

The approval of elk hunting access agreements and the implementation of private land access programs are significant steps towards improving public land access for hunters. These initiatives not only benefit hunters but also landowners who receive compensation and incentives for their participation.

As we move into the hunting season, it is crucial for hunters to engage in responsible and sustainable hunting practices. For more information on these programs and how to get involved, visit the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission’s website.

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