Marketplace Policies

Sellers Policy

Selling Practices

  • Sellers are required to share their location of city & state, so that buyer as idea how long it would take for item to arrive when shipped.
  • Seller needs to specify their shipping cost via the Vendor Dashboard.  Charging shipping must be reasonable but make sure it covers your shipping costs.
  • If Sellers forgets the shipping cost they will be responsible to pay shipping fee.
  • Seller needs to fulfill orders within three business days of payment or provide clear handling time on the item via Products Tab
  • Sellers are expected to respond to buyers question promptly, within 1-4 hours.
  • Sellers are to be professional in all communication.
  • Sellers is responsible for making sure that the item that is delivered to the buyer is as you described it via the product listing.
  • Sellers are responsible for reviewing and updating product listings, such as inventory, price and item condition.

Buyers Policy

Buyers Practices

  • Buyers are responsible for keeping their account up to date and cannot include false contact information.
  • Buyers must pay for any item you purchase, declined transactions after purchase will be pursued to ensure proper payment.
  • Buyers are responsible for reading and understanding the product description in the marketplace before buying.
  • Buyers can leave reviews for the product and vendor, but are required to be professional and accurate in their review.
  • Buyer and seller issue may arise, be honest and have good intentions to resolve the matter. Please Contact Us if issue goes unresolved.

Fee Policy

Fees for Sellers

  • THEINSIDESPREAD charges a fee of 5% to all items sold on this marketplace. Fees are subject to change without notice.
  • There is no fee for creating or posting items on the marketplace. Though you can feature your product for $5.
  • As a reminder to sellers, 10% of profit will be given back to Hunting Conservation Groups in the United States.

Fees for Buyers

  • THEINSIDESPREAD doe not charge buyers a fee outside of the purchase price of the item from the vendor.

Returns & Refund Policy

Return Policy

  • Sellers are not required to accept returns, however it is highly encouraged.
  • If Seller are accepting returns you must specify the policy in the product description.
  • If Seller are not accepting you must specify the policy in the product description.
  • Buyer is responbile for returning the item to the seller.

Refund Policy

  • If Buyer and Seller are using PayPal for transactions they will be subject to PayPal’s refund policies.